Hi! My name is Ainur (i-nor).

I'm a mama of two rambunctious, adorable boys. In between the time I'm not chasing around these two trouble-makers, I knit and design knitting patterns.

I learned to knit when I was about 7 or 8 years old from my mom. It always seemed like a magical skill: how just two sticks and a ball of yarn would turn into something beautiful and wearable!

The items I knit back then were small, simple, and silly: clothes for my dolls and occasionally some socks for my brother.

I didn’t get into serious knitting (by serious, I mean knitting items bigger than a hat or socks) until my first pregnancy. All I wanted to do then was to make my soon-to-be-born baby boy tons of warm and cozy hand-knits. After a while, I started coming up with my own ideas, which turned out to be fun to knit!

I am currently a stay-at-home mom, enjoying and soaking in every moment of my boys' everyday adventures. Before becoming a mom, I was an elementary school teacher. I often find myself thinking as a teacher when writing the patterns – I try to include various explanations such as drawings, tables and charts, and of course, clear and concise instructions.

Why Mama's Teddy Bear?

While expecting my first child, I imagined how we would cuddle all day, nursing and taking naps together. I looked forward to smelling that new baby smell, seeing how this baby boy would cuddle in my arms, all cozy and snug. That's when I started calling him my Teddy Bear (we hadn't come up with a name yet).

Everything I knit and design is inspired by my Teddy Bears!

My beliefs

To me, handmade means quality and luxury because every stitch in a handknit item carries the love and warmth of the knitter's hands. Comfort and warmth are important elements in my knitwear designs.

I love working with yarns sourced locally with ethical and sustainable practices in place. I also love supporting small, independent vendors, especially businesses run by women.